About Us

Carvers for Conservation was started to introduce the people conserving the habitat of migratory birds to the premier bird sculptors in the world. My intention was to be mutually beneficial to the conservation groups and the artists. The reproductions used by the conservation groups would make a huge contribution in helping fund projects for these groups and the artist’s names would be getting circulated through these groups and become well known.

This site will show you full decorative decoys, interpretive sculpture, and pencil sketches by the top artists in this field. We will be offering these beautiful pieces to Conservation Groups.

The artists we will feature are the Brunet family, Tan, Jett, and Jude. Also, Victor Paroyan and Doug Adams. The Brunet family had dominated the World Championships at one time by winning 9 of 18 years. Victor has won three World Championships himself. I, Doug Adams, have not won a Championship. I am the person that started Carvers for Conservation. 

Our Full Decorative Decoy reproductions have been the top national pieces in the Ducks Unlimited event side for the last 18 years. Our miniatures have been a valuable piece in the membership side of Ducks Unlimited also for many years.

We will continue to strive to offer the finest reproductions of the top artists in this field. Conservation groups please contact us for special rates to assist in your fund raising efforts.